Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2OO7 was a good year

One of the highlights was selling the 7th street house (two weeks before the crash of the sub-prime market) Whew. Now that was a close one.

Another would be Miss Ruby becoming potty trained. No more diapers ever!!!

Big changes to look forward to in 2008...

George Bush's last year as President. He has set the bar so low that anyone who comes in after will be an improvement, except maybe Huckabee. Who, by the way, Limbaugh and Coulter hate (why?!) As the The Rude Pundit puts it ever so succinctly..."One of the best bloodsports in politics occurs when conservatives eat their own. And seeing Coulter and Rush Limbaugh attempt to tear Huckabee into bite-sized morsels is pleasurable in a way not unakin to watching that video of a Komodo dragon swallowing a wild pig. You wanna feel sorry for the wild pig, but you really can't since, chances are, given the opportunity, that hairy fucker'd turn on you and try to gnaw on your balls."

Olivia starting High School.

Billy starting Kindergarten.

Me starting nursing school.

Some resolutions I'm taking on...

Make a quilt.

Quit taking naps. Yes, I love them but they are big time wasters and I need all the time I can get.

Try something new and ignore the fear of failing.

Quit dropping the F-bomb. This one is pretty important if Ruby is going to be accepted into decent society

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