Sunday, February 05, 2006

Thank you Betty

Betty Friedan died yesterday. She wrote many books, including "The Feminine Mystique" and was a founder of the National Organization of Women. She came from a time when women had few choices and she questioned the lost potential of women. Thanks to Betty Friedan, the second wave of the women's movement came about. Thanks to her we have choices and freedoms that our Grandmothers never knew. A lot of women now take this for granted and it's sad that girls these days think empowerment is choosing to flash your tits for "Girls Gone Wild". (That's another post for another day). Feminism needs a renewal, and everything is not well. The conservatives are chipping away at abortion rights and while they may not make it illegal, they are trying to restrict who has access to this right. We need to stop being apathetic and we need to remember women like Betty Friedan.



Blogger lesbonstemps said...

I was reading the newspaper today, and they recounted some of the rights NOW fought for in the early days, things that we take for granted now, like being able to keep your job after you get married/ pregnant. She accomplished a lot. What an amazing woman. I hope our daughters have all of the same rights we do when they are women.

2:23 PM  
Blogger cameo said...

Hey, good for you for posting this! I read the news yesterday and was deeply saddened. You know I'm with you on this whole new wave of "Women's Lib" - it's crap! Betty must have been incredibly disappointed that all her efforts were lost on this generation - they have managed to bring us BACK to this point.

6:36 PM  

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