Friday, April 20, 2007

Before I Start...

let me make this clear: There is no EXCUSE!

That being said, I have a few words about Cho Seung-Hui.

The common variables among school shooters? Teasing, bullying and getting picked on.
Schools have zero-tolerance for any mention of violence. Little Johnny forgets that he left his pocket knife in his pocket from last night's boy scout meeting? Suspend his ass! No questions asked. No gray area.
But has anyone ever considered the violence to the spirit that bullying does? Bullying should have zero tolerance. We need to teach our kids to be strong people not weak followers. To stand up for others getting picked on. We need to teach them that self worth doesn't rely on the belittlement of another human being.

I was watching a national news program about the shootings when a correspondent said, referring to Cho Seung-Hui, "This kid was a nobody." he wasn't. No one is a "nobody". I can't help but look at his picture and imagine the little boy that he was. The one who was tormented and made to feel ashamed of himself, the one that was made to feel like he was a "nobody".
I'm always for the underdog. Unfortunately, the minute he decided to pick up the gun and start killing people, he switched from being an underdog to being the bully.

I hate bullies.


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