Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's up

Things sure have changed around here, it's more of a hectic pace. School has started and it's kicking my ass. Lots of homework and studying and not much time for anything else.
Billy and Olivia started school last week. Olivia is loving high school and I think Billy loves school too, I just don't know if school loves him. I had a super short talk with his teacher in carpool line and she seemed a little exasperated. He had his autism testing done last week and we find out the results on Sept 5th. Something tells me I'm going to have to do battle with the school district. If need be I'll show them the true meaning of "no child left behind".
Our tomato plants have been supplying us with lots of tomatoes that taste the way nature intended. This winter I will have a hard time going back to those hard, white, un-ripe, injected with dye monstrosities that they pass off as tomatoes at the grocery store. I have no idea why I haven't grown my own before now, but I will tell you one thing, I will be doing it every summer from now on. Gardening is in my blood anyhow, my aunt and dad do it, my grandparents did it, my great-grandparents did it and so on and so on. One of my dream lives is to live on a farm (this farm can be no farther than an hour from a Target or an Indian restaurant) and have a garden and do canning and also be an animal rescue where people can bring stray animals. I plan on planting more than just tomatoes next year. I'm thinking some squash and zucchini, and melons would be yummy too. We'll have to see though, the sunny spots in my backyard aren't very big.
Hey, did I tell you I quit smoking? It's been three months. I love it and will never go back.
Wow, I sure have written a lot. (Did you know that a lot is two words? It is. And my 8th grade teacher Mrs. Krna made sure that fact was hammered into our brains. She did a good job because I never write those words without thinking about her.) I was going to post some pictures but since I always do pics I think I'll just leave it with words this time.
Anyway, I need to go study while the house is still quiet this morning.
See ya later blog.

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

This is the good stuff


Only two things that money can't buy...
that's true love and homegrown tomatoes.

-Guy Clark