Saturday, October 06, 2007

This past week?

We did some stuff....

  • We are officially old folks. Went to see Little River Band on Friday with Chris and Cameo. The fact that we went to see Little River Band doesn't make us old, I would have gone at age 20. It's the fact that we sat down. For the whole concert. Yep. And we liked it that way.

  • We celebrated Billy's birthday a week late. I don't think it bothered him too much, Power Rangers and Star Wars Legos make all forgiven. Speaking of Star Wars, did you catch the Family Guy Star Wars episode? So good.

  • I finally took my nurse entrance exam. FINALLY! I officially start nursing school next September. Lots of ducks to get in a row before then and we all know how fast time flies.

  • And allow me to brag on my 13 year old daughter. She took a Scholastic reading test at school that placed her reading at 12th grade level. Hell to the yeah, that's my girl!

Anyhoodle (that's for you Cameo), that's all I got for the three of you that are still reading my blog, not including the 30+ daily visitors I get from searches for "Robin McGraw plastic surgery". Seriously, look it up. My blog comes up first for those search words. And all because of a little rant I did over a year ago.

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