Thursday, March 16, 2006

Things I love Thursday

This is the quilt my Mother made for Ruby when she was born. Even though she was in the middle of moving to Florida and crazy busy trying to get things situated with the Gold's Gyms she owned there, she took the time to make this for her Granddaughter. One of my favorite things about this quilt is that not only did she embroider Ruby's name on it, but my name and the names of Grandmas going several generations back. My Mom is so talented and creative. She learned to sew when she was a girl. Coming from a poor family, if she wanted new clothes she had to make them.
There is something extra special about a handmade gift. The time and thought put into it is the best way to say "I love you." Thanks Mommy!


Blogger lesbonstemps said...

Great post. I'm enjoying these "things I love" posts.

When my daughter was born, a family friend sent us a hand-crocheted hat, booties, and blanket. I cried when I opened it because I knew how much work had gone into it. My mother has made christening dresses for all of her grandchildren, and a lot of other babies as well. I love those handmade gifts too.

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Blogger Mom101 said...

This is so sweet. My mother also made a quilt when my daughter was born, using the same pattern she had used for me when I was born. It was awesome, and I agree, homemade beats a Tiffany silver rattle anyday.

thanks for the nice comment over at my place - you have an open invite back any time.

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