Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chemistry and Cousins

My world is about to get crazy. Chemistry crazy. This last month until finals we have a test scheduled every week. This stuff isn't a subject I can breeze through either, I have to work at it. I always loved those classes I could breeze through, they made me feel smart. And if I pass this class with a decent grade? I will feel persistent. A quarter of the class has dropped out by now. But not me, it was too expensive and the last thing I want to do is have to take it again. One thing that keeps me going is knowing this Summer is all mine. No more classes for me until the nursing program begins.
In other news..........

My Cousin was in town from San Francisco this weekend and stopped by to see us. This is this the first time I have seen him as C.J. instead of Curtis. You see he is a that's not it...a that the word? I don't know, I should have asked him, but I just don't think of these things. I have to say that he looked great and he seemed happier and more comfortable in his skin than I have ever seen him. I'm so happy he found his way to San Francisco and got the hell out of the Mid-West. My Aunt Sherry is in the picture too. She seems to be pretty cool with it even though I think it was hard for her at first. I have thought about how I would feel if one of my kids was gay and I have to say that I would be totally fine with it. Maybe a little surprised at first, but fine. I hope that we get to a time when it's not even an issue anymore.


Blogger weigook saram said...

Yikes, chemistry. Not my best subject either. I admire people with kids who go back to school. It must be hard to juggle everything.

I'm glad that your cousin has found acceptance from his mother. I know a lot of transsexuals are alienated from their families, and it's very sad.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Bridgermama said...

Good luck with the Chemistry! Props for sticking with it.

It is awesome that your cousin has support from his immediate and extended family, I cannot imagine going through such a transformation alone. I do believe that our culture is on its way to full acceptance. We have come so far and seem to be moving in the right direction.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Amen! I , too, hope that we can evolve into a more compassionate species.

I feel for you on the chemistry issue. I took Chem I and II and Organic... ALL. TWICE. And then barely passed at that. Good luck, Woman. And just remember to breathe often.

7:35 PM  
Blogger Catherine said...

Oh, and I didn't even notice that so-called mistake you left in my comments! The only errors I ever catch are my own... and even that's ify... I mean iffy. :)

7:38 PM  
Blogger IzzyMom said...

You're going to nursing school? That's awesome. You'll always have a job and make kick-ass money. I wanted to be a nurse but I have this little issue with seeing people bleeding or injured. It makes me feel like I'm going to faint. I was a surgical assistant for a vet and I basically assisted in everything including surgeries. I was able to hold it together until we had to amputate this poor dog's leg.

Good luck with chem and high fives for sticking to it :)

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Izzy said...

And you've been tagged!

4:58 PM  
Blogger MrsFortune said...

Dang, nursing. I'm so envious, I could never do it! Chemistry? I'd be totally lost! Nice picture.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous sherry ann said...

oh my gosh i can't believe you put that picture of me in your blogs cj has sexier photos than that one.

7:46 PM  

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